Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A new beginning and my Word of the Year

The new year has started.  I was looking forward to it for a while. It's like when back in school you're getting to the end of a very messy notebook  and you get to start a brand new one just when the last page is all written up. The new one has been lying on the shelve for some time and you grow impatient to use it. And then you make yourself the promise that this new notebook will be kept neat, tidy and organized. A pleasure to look at and something you can show proudly to others.
(mine always started so nice and pretty with beautiful handwriting and pretty drawings as line dividers and then after a few pages my handwriting changed because I had to write faster to not fall behind and the end was so totally alien from the first pages I wouldn't believe it if I didn't do it all by myself!)

Well..... This new year thing has the exact same vibe to it for me. I am looking at a brand new book, with blank pages, ready to be written up. And I will be neat. And organized. I have to be.


Because I already have so many things I committed to and have planned so much more for the new year that I feel I can only handle this if I am organized.

I am committed to my wonderful Flyer Girls at Facebook. Awesome ladies who are each and everyone of them so goddamn talented I can't hold a candle to them. Some of them are extra special to me.

My new commitments for this year are 4 things (4 so far. And knowing myself as I do, more will follow).

The amazing Tamara Laporte is teaching this year long (!!) internet course. Along with 20 other equally amazing teachers I am hoping they will bring me loads of inspiration, stimulation and joy. 52 weeks of lessons. One lesson every week. Easy peasy you think but each week has more then one asignment which has to be made.
The first lesson started yesterday and I looked at it today. Super exciting stuff. I am so thrilled to be taken this. And again with so many wonderful talented woman around the world. And as the cherry on the pie, also with some lovely girls from my Flying Girls group. I am so happy that some of them are doing this as well.

When I signed up for Life Book I could choose to buy it just as it is, or with one extra course or with two extra courses. Never one to say NO!!!!  ENOUGH!!! to anything, I purchased it with the two extra courses ( YES, I know... I am greedy)

  • The second thing I am committing myself to is the first extra course which is: FABULOUS FACES

Because truth be told... I suck at drawing faces. I am a dab hand at Victorian houses. I can do great Folk Art. I do whimsical children's illustrations etchings, my pastels are very realistic. But I could not draw a nice face if my life depended on it. I really need this course.

As this course is on 9 lengthy video's which I have downloaded plus loads and loads of PDF's I can do this at my own pace. The course is 6 weeks but if I want to do it in 26 weeks I am free to do that as well.

I can do whimsical. But like I said. I am greedy and this looked like such a fun course using Mixed Media also done by the ever wonderful Tamara Laporte I just wanted to do this one as well. And like the Fabulous Faces this is done on video's. 15 in total and again loads of PDF's. And also it runs for 6 weeks but because you can do it in your own time I can take as long as I want.

  • The fourth thing I am committing to is reading The book The Artist Way by the wonderful Julia Cameron. 

Through my Flyer Girl group I have joined a book club and this is the book that will take us through the year. There are 12 chapters (of course with exercises) and we will tackle one chapter per month. I read the introduction and the first chapter and WOW. This is beyond inspirational. I will enjoy this immensely. I get to have Artists Dates. (yes, made you curious huh?)

With these artistic commitments I am hoping to become a better artist. To grow.

Which brings me to my Word Of The Year : 

(image made by Tagxedo)

I have chosen this word because this fits me. I know how to be creative. I am fairly good at some things. I am completely rubbish at other things. This year I will grow more in a artistic way then I have ever been before.

I will Emerge.

I can just feel it. This is going to be my year. I will have to work hard for it and I will have to step out of my comfort zone to make my dreams come true but BY GOLLY ! this will be my year.

I will shoot for the moon. 
Even if I miss I will land among the stars.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, creative, healthy and loving 2013 and hope you too will chase your dreams.

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  1. I'm so glad we can go through Life Book and The Artist Way together this year! Yippeeeeeeee!