Monday, March 15, 2010

Raven Inn Collage

Last year I decided to redo our bedroom. It was a terracotta orange but that color was on the walls for 5 years and I was in the mood for something new. So I decided on a nice granny smith apple green. After a enthusiastic start, a doubtful moment in the middle (cursing myself because why the bleep did I start do do this again?) and finally a long awaited finish the room was done.

But even though the room was done and beautifully so if I say so myself, it lacked something.

It needed some umph. Ididn't want to bring out the paint brushes so I decided to make a collage to hang opposite the bed.
I found this wonderful image of this really nice old Victorian. In my mind it was infested with crows and bats hence the name Raven Inn. I found this great banner from an old Dover book, added some chipboard letters, stamped a spider and some bats and last but no least printed an image of a raven, added it at the bottom and voilla. Hung it opposite the bed and yes, I'm liking it. Although.... It's a bit on the small side though so maybe I'll do a bigger one. First have to find a larger frame.
So this is the result of two happy afternoons:

I love this house. Such a shame the house has been demolished decades ago. I would have loved to wander around in it.

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