Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bewitched bookmark and challenge gone wrong

Stupid stupid stupid.

Me that is.

I wanted to enter a challenge from Darkness Inspiration and the theme was "Bewitched". I didn't have a lot of time but wanted to enter, so I thought I'd make a little collage. And as I didn't want to make yet another card I decided on a bookmark. I always can use bookmarks.

So I took some pictures of it (that actually took me more time then it took to create the bookmark) and wanted to post it. But then... what is that?... excuse me??... When did it say that!

Supposedly it has to be an ATC. Well duh... I totally missed that when I read it. So I will NOT enter this challenge but at least I got me a bookmark. Now where is my book...


  1. This is wonderful! A creative and lovely bewitching piece!

  2. I love it! I want that witch for a rubber stamp! :-)

  3. Great bookmark... LOVE the witch image!

  4. And a gorgeous bookmark it is too. Love the images you've used.