Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's on the prowl....

This weeks challenge at Haunted Design House was to create a walking dead diva .... a zombie girl... a girlie girl without the table manners. My first thought was '' where the bleep am I gonna get a zombie girl from''. I don't have any zombie stamps and I didn't want to download a dead flesh munching girl from the internet. So I went through my stamps and there I found my forgotten Vampira rubber stamp from Side Show Stamps. Her eyes are hollow so I thought she could double as a zombie. I gave her a dress of some pink paisley scrap of paper I had as a leftover (don't you just love all those tiny teeny bits-they always come in so handy).

The moon is a rubber stamp from Cherry Pie Art Stamps. I inked it with purple ink and stamped it on silver cardstock. Then added embossing powder and gave it a treatment with the heatgun.
The tree and tombstones I cut out of a scrapppaper I had in a kit bought some years ago. I really have this thing for tombstones. Can't put my finger on it but I am smitten with them. In all varieties. Last year I went back to Edinburgh (where a long time ago I have lived for 2 years) and they have these marvelous graveyards scattered through town. Many many of them. Often overlooked by the people living around them. I think that is so cool. I visited quite a few of them and took like a gazillion photo's. Anyway... rambling on... the houses are from my never ending stash of architecture I have in my computer.

Her hair is electric blue from a gelpen. With a silver gelpen I gave her highlights. Added a silver belt and at the bottom of her dress I added red sparkles from yet another gelpen. And finally with a black fine liner I added tiny branches to the tree.
She is ready to hunt for food now.... so if you don't want to be dinner you'd better hide.


  1. FABULOUS! I love the whole scene you've created, Renee, and that moon looks freakin' awesome :) Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  2. geweldig!!!! bedankt voor je bezoekje aan mijn blog.

  3. Love it! The moon is great and she is creepy. I love how you pieced the dress.

  4. She is morbidly mah-velous! Love the scene and that moon is so damn cool! Hey, there's a new challenge blog starting up on Tuesday, totally dedicated to Tim Burton. Check it out!

  5. This is AMAZING! What a wonderful scene! So, so creative!!!!

  6. OMGosh, love the layer upon layer of fun on this. Your zomgirl rocks but I love the graveyard!! Oz