Monday, April 5, 2010

Freaker's- Free-For-All

Tears cannot restore her ...
This weeks Macabre Monday's challenge is Freaker's Free-for-All. Meaning it is left to our desire to create whatever we want. Yay!

I have had this image of this wonderful house in my evergrowing collection of victorian architecture for ages, just waiting for this exact opportunity. I added a fence from a rub-on sheet (can't remember who from). The bats flying around is a PSX stamp. I found this very nice looking tombstone surfing the internet and with the help of Paint Shop added a funny grave epitaph.

Put it all on to black cardstock and voila. I would love to live here.


  1. That IS a wicked-cool looking house... I'd like to live there, too :) Great collage work, Renee... thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  2. Wooo, spooky!!

  3. And no need to dust... gotta love it. lol

  4. I love the whole scene. Great Job! That house is gorgeous. The tombstone sets it off just right.

  5. Looks like 1313 Mockingbird lane to me! A place you just die to visit!

  6. This is fabulous! I think the house would be GREAT too! When you find the real one, let me knwo :)

  7. Thanks for your nice comment on my card.
    I would love to love in that house. In summer, I would sit in the garden and watch the bats and feel totally comfortable because this spooky house would be my house. I would know all the ghosts and monsters living there and invite them to have tea with me every sunday.
    And the best thing: I could hoard tons of gold there and nobody would dare to think of stealing. Now, I just have to find this huge amount of treasures.