Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grim Gift Box .... At Death's Door

Aaaaaghh..... I am so late with this but I think I'm still on time with my box. The challenge this week ( actually last week as it is almost over, I really am cutting it close) at Haunted Design House was to make a Grim Gift Box. And it must have a flower also. Al week I had the greatest ideas but just lacked the time to make it. So yesterday, on saturday afternoon and this morning to early this afternoon I did my box. Well it at least gave me time to finish what was in the box I wanted to use. So here it is.

At Death's Door...

I thought this would make a nice gift for someone who has the flu or maybe just the sniffles.

And the skully on top becomes a stirring stick. With a little flower.

You’re sick and feel like knocking at death’s door
I’ve brewed you some soup to heal your core

If that doesn’t work I’ll bring you a medicine man
If he cannot help you, nobody can

When that is no aid
Not much else will help I’m afraid

But I know of some nice stones
To lay to rest your tired bones

Then you can dance for eternity long
To the tunes of your favorite song

The blue paper I used was a sheet of very course mulberry paper. I so love the texture on it.
I measured the sides and cut the paper into pieces. The edges where the box was shining through I inked and then poured embossing powder over it and put a heat gun to it. The embossing powder is a mixture of silver and a lot of black to give it a aged look. The image of the door I have had for ages and can't remember where I got it from. The witch stirring the soup I found on internet. The witch doctor is a rubber stamp from Side Show Stamps. I colored it with watercolor pencils.

The headstone with the grim reaper was another find on internet, I gave it a wash in watercolor pencils. The second headstone I found some time ago on the internet and with Paint Shop added a epitaph. The dancing skeleton is a rubber stamp from Cherry Pie Art Stamps. I printed the words on off white paper and aged it with distress ink and then rolled the top and bottom to gave it a scroll effect. The skeleton on the stirrer is from Pepin Press.
Now all I have to do is wait for a friend to sneeze or cough.


  1. This is AWESOME!!! WOW! I love this completely! What a creative idea and the stirrer is fabulous!!!

  2. OMG... this is fantastic, Renee!!! The shape and the way it closes is awesome, and what a fun way to show the poem... clever! Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  3. Atishooo, atishooo , oh dear I think I need that box for my cold!!!!! Well it is so fab, I must pretend so I can get it!!!! tee hee... Lovely work, Renee and thanks so much for your sensitive and poetic comment on my blog!!

  4. Love it!
    Thanks for using my dancing skeleton too!

  5. "Hatschi" "Hust" Oh, my head is aching. Your box makes me feel sick. But only because I would love to get it as a "Get Well" present. I cannot imagine a more fabulous gift box. I especially love the saying on the gravestone. It's like the deceased person is talking out of the grave and making the relatives feel guilty.
    Thank you for your nice comment, too.
    Have a nice - and healthy - day.

  6. OMG! Is that creepy, or what?! FABULOUS creation!!!