Friday, May 14, 2010

The Jinx Sister - Voodoo Witchery

This weeks challenge on Haunted Design House is Voodoo Witchery. We are to make something with a medicine man or a witch doctor or a conjure man out of the regions of Louisiana. Well.... this was not the first time I was stumped. I don't have any stamps that would qualify for this. And I mean nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even something that could be altered into anything usefull.

But I didn't want to miss this challenge so what"s a girl I to do. You make your own image. On thursday I had the day off work, I sat down and started drawing and at the end of the day I had about 15 ghoulish gals I can use for all kinds of challenges. I scanned them all and now I have my own set of digi stamps that I can resize. And the first one is here. Because of the voodoo I will call this Creole conjure woman: Dominique LeClairx. Madame LeClairx has some powerful jinxes in her head. Folks come and see her from miles around. They know she will get results in whatever it is they want her to do for them. They nicknamed her Jinx.

Madame LeClairx has this cabinet with little drawers. Each of the drawers is filled with ingredients that help her with her jinxes, hexes and other spellbound conjurers. She has hundreds of jars filled with insects, fingers, shrunken heads and what more.

I dressed madame LeClairx in a purple irridescent dress. It's made specially for her by a grateful village woman. In a certain light the dress is purple. When viewed from another angle the dress is blue and sometimes it is green.

When seeing folks she chalks her face white and her eyes black. This she does so the spirits regonize her when she commands them to do something.

But when she is on her own the chalk comes right off.

Jars full with shrunken heads and eyes are on top of the cabinet.

And jars filled with bones, fingers, insects and other ingredients are in front of the cabinet.

The background paper is form Basic Grey's Eerie collection. Madame Leclairx was drawn, scanned, resized, printed , colored with watercolor pencils and dressed by me. The letters on the sign are from Making Memories. Everything else I got from browsing the internet. I'm pretty sure I could have drawn a shrunken head myself but I wanted to finish this card so I took a shortcut.
I am really pleased with how my ghoulish gal turned out. And I love the paper I made her dress from. Really magic paper indeed.

This gal will definitaly come out and play on more challenges.


  1. This is so cool, and the fact that you wrote a story to go with her is awesome. I love her hinged arm and all the details of this. I also like that you included so many photos to help tell the story of what you did. GREAT stuff!

    xxx Kristen

  2. LOVE the story, Renee! And your voodoo Creole woman is fabulous... especially how you made her moveable! Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  3. This is exactly what I think of when I think of Voodoo! She's sooo fab! Love her color changing dress (like MAGIC!) and her removeable chalk face and WOW, what a stash of stuff she has. I better stay on her good side. LOVE this!

  4. Madame LeClairx is so freakin fantastic!!! I love that you not only drew her but several others too!!! I can't wait to see. This voodoo momma is one hotdamn queen of the gras! You be next to her in Nawleans, you damn well better be crossing her palm with respect or be finding a chicken foot or two in your pocket when you be getting on home... I just sayin...

    the Oz

  5. Wow - wonderful creation. LOVE it. Couldn't look and not make a comment - could I?

  6. Holy Smokes! I don't even know what to say! Love everything about it! It's ALIVE!!!