Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Tough Date - Ode to the Bruise

This weeks challenge on Macabre Mondays is : Ode to the Bruise. We're to use colors like purple, teal, yellow and black. And again I misunderstood a challenge ...... I thought we had to make something showing off atleast one or more bruises and scarrs. Nope.... just the colors that those bruises produce. (wow, try saying that really quick 10 times).
I also enter this piece in the first challenge of the Burtonesque Dolls which theme is stripes.

What can I say ... even though I didn't read it right I went through with it anyway and here is Gladys. Gladys had a tough date last night. Can you tell?

Gladys is like the rest of us girls and don't we all like to have a dinner companion looking like eye candy?

So Gladys invited this yummie looking guy over for dinner and unfolded her plans for that evening.... and he didn't agree. And he gave her a shiner (yes I know, he looked like a feast but he was no gentleman). But Glady's is one tough broad and she beat him fair and square.

I got a piece of really think watercolor paper and gave it a wash with light blue. Then I took my beloved acrylic paints and took my metallic (!) teal blue and scraped that over the light blue - not with brush but with an old bank card. I used metallic because of the shiner on her eye.

Above you can (hopefully) see the scrapes made by the bank card. (get it? scrapes and bruises? yeah, sorry. My bad)

Gladys is an image I have in my computer. I love Gladys. She lets me do anything to her. She is so easy.... except when it's dinner time. Gladys is colored in with watercolor pencils and her eye I gave a wash of purple, blue and yellowish green. The white of her eye is now red as you get when your hit in the eye. As she overpowered her dinner she got a scar over her eye and also one on her arm.
Her dress is a light purple also done with watercolor pencils. Here you can see the scrapes more clearly.
I got another piece of thick watercolor paper and cut it into shape and painted it a metallic yellow (it's actually gold but I won't tell if you don't). The edge I gave a stripey black and white lining to match her hair.

I then put some star shaped strass shapes around her face and a blue strass stone on the text on top.
And a yellow strass stone on the text on the bottom.

And this is the story of Gladys's date. I don't think she'll see him again.....


  1. Way to go Gladys, don't let that dawg get away with nothing...

    fun card, love the back story! Oz

  2. LOL! LOVE the back story to this card, Renee! It's so fun to see how people interpret a challenge, and I LOVE that you actually got a bruise in there :) Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday.

  3. GREAT STORY! (and wuite the realistic looking bruise! Fab technique on the background! xxD

  4. Fabulously bruised creation. Gladys is one bad chick! Love the sentiment too.
    Are you familiar with "The Burtonesque Dolls" blog page? This qualifies for their challenge of using stripes this week. Check 'em out:

  5. ROFLOL! That is wonderful. I love the sentiment

  6. Totally brilliant.... EMAIL me your address and i'll send you the arch card for your birthday Renee... glad you liked it.
    xxx lynx

  7. Really like it!! thanks for your comments on my entry. i think they post internationally at Art from the Heart, the crackle glaze is really cheap, if you do get some tho theirs a couple of things you need to know to use it properly. Paint the glaze on in a even coat only once and only move your brush in one direction and same with the colour over the top 1 coat and dont be tempted to go over it again or it wont crack, never ever heat dry the glaze or it wont crack. Its really easy to use, just takes time!!

  8. LMAO!!! Hilarious! I think I met Gladys in a bar, way back when! LOL!!! Love the metallic and your funky techniques! Glad you played along with us at The Burtonesque Dolls!

  9. OMG this is amazing! You are a woman after my own heart loving Halloween and all! It's Halloween 365 days of the year at my house! Awesome awesome! Thanks for sharing with us on our first challenge at The Burtonesque dolls!