Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lazy Susan

Last year I went to Ikea and purchased 10 Lazy Susan's with the idea to paint them with halloween images. I started with one and only worked on it in the beginning. Then other projects got my attention and the lazy susan was left in the cupboard ....forgotton and alone. Till in the first days of March of this year I told myself to finish the thing or get rid of it (basicly I needed more space in the projects area). So I did finish it and I want to show you the finished product form start to finish:

I first selected 5 of my favorite houses and put them together on a sheet to have the details with me while I painted.

Then I sanded the top of a lazy susan and gave it a background of warm yellow and orange. I then sketched the 5 houses with more or less the same distance between them.

Next in line was to add color to the houses. I never paint the houses the original color, I like to add a personal touch. And in my mind on this block (circle) the houses have these colors.

Then I added some roofs. Very essential item to have on a house. And I decided that they'd all have a low stone wall.

I then landscaped the gardens and forests behind the houses. Also the road and steps were added.
I then added a few more coats of paint to the houses and did some more layers of landscaping... added some rocks to the walls and gave it some real lawns and some trees that really stand out.
Some more detailing to the houses, and added some fences, some pumpkins, gravestones, bats and outside lights. And voila..... one painted Lazy Susan. I still need to give it a couple of protective coats of clear varnish but when that's done.... pass the ketchup please.

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