Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cemetery Hill on a Lazy Susan

My Lazy Susan is finished.
For the past couple of days I rushed home from work and sat down at my desk to paint. I didn't clean. Laundry is still in the hamper. I ate bread and snacks all week for I didn't go grocery shopping. Phone was left unanswered.
I just put music on and painted. I would love to come home to one of these houses. Alas, my home is an apartment in a large block of apartments but a girl can dream.

The trees are turning golden in the crisp cool air of fall. I added some tombstones around each house.

And all the houses got details going on. Wooden boards and window panes.

Some effective shadowing and a gate to the neighboring cemetery. They say those are the quietest of neighbors.

And bats are patrolling the sky in search of pesty little bugs.

I enjoyed painting it but I feel it took me way too long. If I want to do this to make a happier living and reduce my hours at the dayjob I really really need to speed things up.

It is a shame that there are only 24 hours in a day. From those 24 hours most of it is spend on sleeping and work. But I pledge, I vow that by this time next year I will work less hours at my day job and more hours in my livingroom studio. I just have to.

And now it is Saturday. Blissful Saturday. I have so many things lined up to do.... but that is for my next post.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Be joyful in whatever you do :)


  1. What beautiful colors on this and I like the whole round and round part of it! Love the houses and the closer look we get. Your blog looks great! I am going to follow you. Thanks for all the kind go girl, your journey has just begun. June Maddox

  2. Thank you so much June. That is very kind of you.
    hugs (( ))