Saturday, September 22, 2012

I´m sure I was an...

...architect in a previous life. Like a good 140 years ago.

I just love to paint houses. Victorian houses. I only paint the ones I would like to live in. Oh, if only I could...

The Lazy Susan I started a few days ago is coming along nicely. The houses are build, touch need some touch ups. The landscaping has had it first layer. The trees are grown....
I love trees. I need trees. Trees are amazing. And the road is added too. We do need a road if we are gonna move in.

And as a reminder... here is how it started:

Still loads of work to be done. The bushes in the garden have to be added. The trees need more details, and no garden is finished unless it has atleast a handful of tombstones. We also need some bats and some fences. And last but not least .... a moon. A beautiful full moon.

Thank heaven it´s Sunday today. Not having to go to work and simply spent it with a brush in my hand makes me so very happy, I can´t tell you how joyful I am.

Time to make myself a nice cuppa tea. I think I´ll have coconut tea this time, gonna brew a large pot. Then it´s back to painting. Yeay !

Wishing you all a wonderday day, doing the things that you love.

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  1. Hi Renee, I do love Flying Lessons and am so enjoying the opportunity to be able to connect with artists around the world. I'm happy to meet you and have loved your posts on FB. Thank you for your nice comments and I'm pleased that I can keep up with your artwork via the web. I love your Halloween houses, love the look of this lazy susan. Thanks again.