Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My creative juices are flowing again.

Wow, I am feeling so very much alive. I'm seeing bright colors, and looking at people, buildings, cars etc when I cycle I see the light and shade of each thing I see. I am looking through painters eyes.

Nooooooo, I have not taking a happy pill.
No, I am not on drugs, nor did I have a drink.

Since participating in this E-course I am feeling so much wonderful energy of every "classmate", it's just bouncing of my screen. Every one of them is so damn talented, I feel very humble being apart of this amazing group.
And amazing enough, everytime I login to our private Facebook page the group seems to grow in numbers. Right now our group is 414 Flyers strong.
414 people who inspire me! From all over the world. This is an amzing experience!

Because of this I have started a new Halloween painting:

The first layer is up and also went in with some details:

Not by a long shot this is finished soon but I love it that I started it. I have had a creative block for so long, I was worried if it would ever come back.

And... because I can never work on 1 project alone I started on a new Lazy Susan as well:

I am feeling energized.


  1. I love your infectious enthusiasm, Renee, and I totally get what you mean about 'feeling alive'. Creativity really is like a drug!! I feel like I'm lost in it at times :) So happy to 'meet' you and share a small part of your journey!

  2. Hi Renee! I love your blog...your artwork...your excitement! I love that you're loving Flying Lessons. I am, too, although I'm losing a lot of sleep since I'm on my computer waaaay too much these days. There are just so many amazing blogs to visit and people to meet. I'm glad you're one of them!

  3. Love your blog Renee. And I am so happy your creative block is gone. Your art is amazing and inspiring. I also love your attention to detail. I am so glad we 'met' in the flying course. xx Joanne Freeman